Wednesday, 16 January 2013


konon insta, android pun takda//
Assalammualaikum, *waving*

Today, hope will be shine and bright like a diamond *lirik lagu tu* , insyaAllah. We get another chance to recharge our iman again. Let's active your day with bismillah and positive mindset to make your emotion keep calm. Be better than yesterday, have a nice harmonious Wednesday, havvee a great journey today. May Allah ease :) 

Big dreams, big wishes, big effort. So that, "dream will come true" . If just have the dream without effort, nothing. Take out the dream from your dreaming to reality. Let the world know, may Allah bless. When the dreams come , "is that real??!" don't forget to say Alhamdulillah, without Him, we're just like "polvere" . Take a note ohh myself. All of these, belongs to Allah.

footnote :   A lot of grammar mistakes. ohmyenglish. betulkan saya.