Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another phase

Assalammualaikum and hye everyone, the unknown.
 So, a long gap between me and this room. Rindu jari jari menari di papan kekunci.

Cik siti turns 20,soon. Biiznillah.
 To many loves and bad stories.
 People come and go.
Some of them stick and stay till 5th sem.
Some of them that i've pissed of dengan tak sengaja.
my bad.
 Im human being
and lots of flaw and
 I've to pampered myself from negative thought and peoples.
Allah knows :'(

You're hoping on me because of my looks like a ostzajah sholehahhh cenggitu 
Allahu, i'm not one of mukminat, to be insyAllah. 
There's lot of things to do. 
Eventually, im a typical muslim girl who's taking pengajian Islam at loveleyy college, IIC. (google sendiri)

For sure,
saya dikelilingi oleh awesome murabbi and murabbiyah dan the pre.
roomate yang gelak sakan nak pecah tingkap.
housemate yang sarawakians acah made in KL.
Coursemates yang sopan luar, dalam gangster tak sudah.
Clubmates yang macam biskut. ha-ha.

Allahu, great life that i've have after my school life. Alhamdulillah.


Thanks to you, who are always concerned bout me and all of about me.
Barakallahu feekum.

your name in my dua',
Syasya, izzati, adhwa, hana, aten, auni, nina, aina, puteri, auni mus, hanum, ainil, syafika, ammar, syahir, nain, han, irfan, mimi, alia, kak ika, izzah, tyrah, nawal, asilah and all iic-ians.
may Allah grant you guys with jannatul firdaus.
Be a great mujahid and mujahidah.,
Be a great multitasking muslim.

Allahumma ameen.

End of semester 5th.

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