Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Assalammualaikum dear sisters and brothers. After a quite long time for me do not post anything since Ramadhan Kareem. Dah masuk eid adha dah pun.Happy eid adha guys. May Allah accept all of our good deeds. Allahumma amin. So, here i wanna do some promotion for my small business. Really small okay. haha. TUDUNG LABUH FOR YOU is my tagline for my business. I'm selling scarf or tudung. The list below is my collections for this year ;

  1. Maryam Scarf ( Bidang 50 and 60 ) - RM 24 / RM 30
  2. Tudung Kuntum Koshibo ( Bidang 55 and 60 ) - RM 25
  3. Aisyah Printed Shawl - RM 35
  4. Anna Squircle ( Bidang 50 and 60 ) - RM 35
  5. Tun Fatimah Shawl - RM 23
  6. Wideshawl plain - RM 15
  7. Diamond Curve - RM 35
  8. Tudung Koshibo ( Bidang 55 ) - RM 25
If  you can see the range price for all the scarf are from RM 15 - RM 35. Based on my survey on instagram, the prices are affordable for student as well. When it comes to sale , the best price for my customes is RM 10 per scarf and for selected scarf only. Mampu kan?

Different type of scarf , different type of fabric. I'm using chiffon glitter for Maryam Scarf because its easy to shape and no need for starch. Tudung Koshibo from koshibo fabric. Aisya printed shawl from chiffon georgette. Anna Squircle from chiffon aritachi. Tun Fatimah Shawl from chiffon georgette. Wideshawl plain from chiffon georgette. Diamond Curve from chiffon glitter. Not doubt anymore beacause the fabrics are using by popular boutique as well. ( wink wink )


TUDUNG LABUH FOR YOU, for sure semua size besar-besar. But, we are also make for girls yang prefer standard size but still patuh syariah.

Measurement for shawl ; 
2m x 0.75m ( large )
1.9m x 0.7m ( standard )

Measurement for bawal :
Bidang 50 : 1.3m x 1.3m
Bidang 55 : 1.4m x 1.4m
Bidang 60 :1.5m x 1.5m

More details , you guys can DM me on instagram.

To see current collection from me, do visit @exclusive.byf  :)


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